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…to sacrifice as a King and a Philosopher.

but we shall say ,we have bred you both for your own sake and that of the whole community to act as leaders and king bees in a hive ; you are better and more fully educated than the rest and better qualified to combine the practice of philosophy and politics.you must therefore each descend and in turn and live with your fellows in the cave and get used to seeing in the dark. Once you get used to it you will see a thousand times better than they do and will distinguish the various shadows and know what they are shadows of , because you have seen the truth about things admirable and just and good. And so our state and yours will be really awake , and not merely dreaming like most societies today , with their shadow battles and their struggles for political power which they treat as some great prize.The truth is quite different:the state whose prospective rulers come to their duties with least enthusiasm is bound to have the best and most tranquil government , and the state whose rulers are eager to rule the worst.

——The Allegory of the Cave,Plato.




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